Our VERY FIRST Calendar Has Gone Live!

Okay, not so much a post about astrophotography per se, but still quite exciting for us nonetheless.

With the clue being in the title, I’ll give you some background. A couple of weeks ago I was sat going through our images as I do when the weather is god-awful, something that it is with appalling regularity these days, and I got to thinking that they would look better somehow collated and printed. I didn’t want to put them into a book though, and it happens that I glanced at the calendar hanging in the kids kitchen and thought to myself “god, who would want a dog calendar?” (Sorry, but I’m NOT a dog lover, even though every other astrophotographer seems to be, I’m all about the cats.) And then, a lightbulb moment. And that was that.

No, not a cat calendar, that’s been done to death. An astrophotography calendar, but with deep space objects. Every photographer I see who does a calendar and includes some astro, it’s nearly ALWAYS a widefield Milky Way landscape. That’s not to take away from them because in nearly all cases they look pretty awesome. But there’s more up there than that. And I wanted to show that. Yes the Milky Way, especially with a landscape, is sellable, yes it’s relatable but there is SO much more in the universe.

Our first one consists of firm favourites such as the Andromeda Galaxy, the Pleiades, the Great Orion Nebula and, I couldn’t possibly leave this one out, Millie’s Moon. Plus there’s others in there such as the California Nebula, the Bubble Nebula, Pacman Nebula etc.

Each one was taken by either me or Millie (Sam is currently working on his first DSO after we managed to lose the original data for his Andromeda Galaxy) and involved a lot of long, dark and cold nights actually stood outside collecting those photons of light.

Going through the images and putting them into some form of order relatable to the months was perhaps the hardest task. I have plenty of data, but not plenty of decent data. In the end I’ve gone with what I think is a good selection. After that it was merely a case of sorting out the printing and pricing and et voilà.

Because it’s our first one, and we’re a bit late into the year launching it, we’re doing a limited stock run. And, thanks to Brexit, we’re looking at UK-only availability.

If you’re thinking about that budding astronomer in the family, or something for your dad (or mum for that matter) then head on over to our online shop and treat them.

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