EQ5 Pro Belt Modification

This is something I’ve been interested in for a while. Unfortunately, a lot of online resources and forums state that this is not something that’s possible. Well, I’ve discovered, through a mishap, that it is ENTIRELY possible, and will improve your guiding to the point where you can achieve 30 minute subs. Nobody (I know of) needs 30 minute subs, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what is possible with this mod.


Neither myself, as an individual or under the AstroHeart UK banner, or anyone else associated with this modification, accepts any responsibility for any potential damage or down time that your mount may suffer as a result of carrying out this modification. If you choose to embark on it, then you do so ENTIRELY at your own risk. Furthermore, if your mount is still under any kind of warranty then enacting this modification will in all likelihood immediately invalidate any such warranty.


This guide was compiled and written entirely by Martyn Douglas, who has kindly given me permission to share it both on here and on the AstroHeart UK Facebook Page. It is shared as he has written it, with no embellishment from myself and is presented here “as is.” I would like to thank him profusely for the opportunity to share the culmination of his research and hard work in putting it together for the benefit of the rest of the astonomy and astrophotography community.


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